CVSup/Ports Question

wc_fbsd at wc_fbsd at
Thu Apr 13 03:39:13 UTC 2006

At 11:09 PM 4/12/2006, you wrote:
>question on ..... ports collection.  I read in the handbook that the 
>cvsup tag for the ports-* collection should be ".". "In particular, 
>use only tag=. for the ports-* collections."

As I understand it, there is no "most recent version of port that 
still works with my very old FBSD version".  You either get the ports 
snapshot that was out at the same time your release was released.  Or 
you get the *most* recent version of the port, with no guarantee it 
will work on an exceedingly old FBSD version.

In any case, don't screw with cvsup for ports;  look into 
portsnap.  It's included in 6.x and available in ports for older 
releases.  It's easier, faster, and lower bandwidth.


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