newsyslog.conf question

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Wed Apr 12 19:08:47 UTC 2006

At 2:01 AM +0000 4/10/06, jhall at wrote:
>I have developed a boot image for a CD to be used
>on servers througout the organization I work for.
>Everything is working great, except for one small
>When I boot from the CD I created, I receive a message
>stating "newsyslog: malformed 'at' value".
>/var/log/wtmp   640   5       *   @01T05 B
>If I change the time specification to $M1D05 and start
>newsyslog, no error messages are generated.
>And, if I boot from the server's hard drive (from which
>the image was created), newsyslog does not generate any
>error messages.

This does seem odd, since that is basically the same
line that is in the distributed base system.  Are you
sure that's from the file you're running from?
Could you send me a copy of the exact file that you
have on the CD which is getting the error?

Certainly what you have there *looks* like it should work.

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