Timescale for 6.1-RELEASE...

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Tue Apr 11 19:32:16 UTC 2006

I beg to differ Nikolas, there is still work that needs to be
done on the disk driver.  See PR 95184.  It was right to shift the
release schedule.

I don't know what you running for hardware but I don't think many
people really appreciate what is going on with SATA these days,
how incredibly damn fast that mirrored SATA arrays of large 500Gb
disks are wiping everything else off the map.

In the servers that I have that ARE working with the new high
speed SATA array chipsets, the disk I/O is an order of magnitude
faster than anything else.  Faster than any UDMA drive, any SCSI
array you want to throw at it.  And larger.  and a LOT cheaper.

And disk space is getting so big so fast that mirroring is going
to be the only option for desktops Real Soon Now, because when you
have a gigabyte of disk space that is shipping standard with
a desktop PC and costs only $200  (which will happen by the middle
of next year) there's no way in hell that you can back that up
to anything, the costs of tape storage for an office full of
desktops like that would be out of the question.

And what is more frustrating is this is the best chance that has
come along for years to kick the crap out of Linux market share.
Linux support of SATA stinks, they are trying to send everyone to
the 3rd parties for drivers rather than incorporating them in
the Linux distros.  Well I can tell you that Ying-Tao cloney baloney
motherboard maker in Asia who is using an off-the-shelf raided SATA
chipset in their $1.99 motherboard-of-the-month, they aren't going
to provide drivers for anything other than Windows.

FreeBSD's support of mirrored sata and udma raid chips is already
better than Linux, but it needs to be absolutely top flight before
6.1 ships.

You can get around a lot of hardware support problems - such as
buggy drivers for the serial ports/network card/usb port/etc. -
but if your disk driver is buggy you cannot even get an OS on
the hardware that you can even patch.  You are dead in the water
and 99% of the people in that situation are going to toss the
FreeBSD 6.1 CD and go to something else.


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>> I realise the answer to this question is "when it's ready",
>but does anyone have a rough idea how close to being ready 6.1 is?
>The 6.1 branch was cut on the 5th, this means you can cvsup to
>RELENG_6_1 branch and rebuild world to 6.1-RC. As for the release date
>of the official 6.1-RC1 builds... It should have happened yesterday,
>so expect it any time this week. 6.1-RELEASE should be released at the
>end of this month or the beginning of next month.... If you look at
>the schedule everything has been shifted out 1 month.
>If you want my opinion on 6.1, it's ready right now, I've been running
>a production server on 6.1 since BETA2, my main workstation at work
>since BETA4 and my main workstation at home has been running 6.1 since
>before BETA1 (tracking 6-STABLE). I've had no problems and feel that
>It's far superior to FreeBSD 5.x, It's also alot faster then 5.x. The
>more tester we have for the 6.1 release candidate runs the better
>6.1-RELEASE will be!

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