newbie question on upgrading GCC

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at
Mon Apr 10 14:43:53 UTC 2006

I did a "make install clean" in the lang/gcc40/ directory to get a
newer version of GCC, and it seems happy, so the next thing I did was
I replaced my /usr/bin/gcc, /usr/bin/g++, etc. binaries with hard
links to the /usr/local/bin/gcc-freebsd-4.0,
/usr/local/bin/g++-freebsd-4.0, etc. binaries.

Now when I try to make things, I get a lot of errors and most compilation fails.

I backed up the original binaries (gcc -> gcc-original), and things
seem to be fixed, and compiles work. What should I do?

Also, the ports install does not make a "cc-freebsd-4.0" binary, so
I'm leary of replacing it with a hard link to the gcc-freebsd-4.0
biary, although when I run "cc --version", it tells me that it is gcc
3.4.x, which is the default gcc install.


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