OpenGL and Intel Graphics [WAS: Cake and Eat it Too: RTCW Port]

Jeff Cross jeff.cross at
Sat Apr 8 16:48:40 UTC 2006

Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> Jeff Cross schrieb:
>> I ran the "make" commands you specified but still do not have a i915.o
>> file on my system.  Here is what I have related to i915:
> Oops. Turns out the complete i915 module was only added *after* FreeBSD
> 6.0 release. You'll have to upgrade to 6-STABLE/6.1-RELEASE (to be
> released very soon now) to get it.
>> By the way, glxinfo | grep rendering returns no.  
> Yes, direct rendering won't work without the drm kernel module.
> Cheers,
Okay.  I guess I'll wait for the official 6.1 release.  Thanks for
everyone's assistance!  I'll holler back after the release if this needs
to be revisited.

Thanks again!

Jeff Cross

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