[Solved] Official Nvidia Drivers, Toshiba Laptop, GeForce 4440 Cards: Always causes Freeze

C. Michailidis dinom at balstonresearch.com
Sat Apr 8 06:32:41 UTC 2006

On Fri, 07 Apr 2006 Sean Murphy wrote:
> I have finally come up with a way to use the official drivers

That's great news Sean, kudos! I would suggest that it's more appropriate to 
use the x11/nvidia-driver port, e.g.:

cd /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver
sudo make install clean

Then set your tunables (i.e hw.nvidia.registry.SoftEDIDs and 
hw.nvidia.registry.Mobile) via '/etc/sysctl.conf'.

Finally, you would apply the changes to xorg.conf as you recommend.

The nvidia readme file for their freebsd driver mentions this in the section 
titled 'CONFIGURING LOW-LEVEL PARAMETERS'.  Regardless, using ports to 
install things and sysctl.conf to control the low-level parameters is more 

Of course the beauty of FLOSS systems is you can solve problems in a way that 
works best for your particular situation ;-)

Just a suggestion,

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