web server attack

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Fri Apr 7 19:20:51 UTC 2006

mod_security is in the ports collection

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Frank Laszlo writes:

>  >> Does anyone know what this is and what I can do to stop it
>  >> besides adding the ip address to my firewall block rules?
>  >
>  > I suppose that someone is trying to exploit mod_proxy to
connect to an
>  > SMTP server (that's the "CONNECT" part), or at
>  > get HTTP replies back.
>  Setup mod_security to block that type of request. Any chance you
>  can capture some packets and send a link? I'd like to take a look
>  at it.

	Running apache-2.2, I don't seem to have _security among the
modules.  Do I need to change my config (and rebuild), or does it
perhaps go by another name in this version?

				Robert Huff

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