src upgrade from 4.11-p16 to 5.4 possible?

Greg Barniskis nalists at
Fri Apr 7 13:57:39 UTC 2006

B. Cook wrote:
> Stop in /usr/src/usr.sbin/pcvt/vgaio.
> *** Error code 1
> ===> usr.sbin/pcvt/ispcvt
> cc -O -pipe   -c /usr/src/usr.sbin/pcvt/ispcvt/ispcvt.c
> cc -O -pipe    -o ispcvt ispcvt.o
> gzip -cn /usr/src/usr.sbin/pcvt/ispcvt/ispcvt.8 > ispcvt.8.gz
> ===> usr.sbin/pcvt/vgaio
> cc -O -pipe  -I/usr/obj/usr/src/usr.sbin/pcvt/vgaio 
> -I/usr/src/usr.sbin/pcvt/vgaio  -c vgaio.c
> In file included from /usr/src/usr.sbin/pcvt/vgaio/vgaio.y:56:
> /usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/machine/cpufunc.h:60: error: syntax 
> error before "bsfl"
> /usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/machine/cpufunc.h:60: error: syntax 
> error before "mask"
> /usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/machine/cpufunc.h: In function `bsfl':

I don't have the expertise to get deep into fixing any CPU code 
bugs, but I've seen a roughly similar error in the past and fixed it 
with just basic procedures. Have you tried doing

rm -rf /usr/obj/*

before your buildworld? This step doesn't seem to be in the upgrade 
guide you cited, but it is in the Handbook under general buildworld 
procedures. Section 21.4.6 of:

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