Oneway mailing; does anything beat mailman??

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Apr 6 14:09:26 UTC 2006

Jonas Jacobsen wrote:
> Somtimes over 100000 mail. It is only needed to send the mail out. And 
> the most important is the speed.

Hmm.  We are talking about opt-in lists, right?

> Is there another listsoftware there is better for "oneway maling" ???

Mailman is a fine mailing list manager, and I think it has more 
functionality and a better security track record than some of the other systems.

> and how many mails, do you think can be sent per hour, with the ringt 
> configuration???

This depends entirely upon the SMTP server Mailman is talking to, the size 
of your messages, and the size of your outbound pipe.

You can deliver on the order of a million messages a day @ 15K/message using 
a Pentium-200-grade box [1] and a T1 line, and depending on how well your 
recipients are batched at the same destination SMTP server, you might do 
significantly better than that.


[1]: Fast disks and adequate RAM are far more important to this than CPU. 
And bandwidth, of course.

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