Oneway mailing; does anything beat mailman??

Emil Thelin emil at
Thu Apr 6 13:42:39 UTC 2006

On Thu, 6 Apr 2006, Jonas Jacobsen wrote:

> I work for af company who recently has started sending out weekly newsletters 
> for other companys.
> Somtimes over 100000 mail. It is only needed to send the mail out. And the 
> most important is the speed.
> Is there another listsoftware there is better for "oneway maling" ???

Im in a similar position and I've been asking around on a few 
mailinglists and from what I understand there dosen't seem to exist any 
magic application for this.

Basiclly, all answers I've got is: 'use <this[1]-mailinglist-software>'.

Will follow this thread with great interest.

[1] = Mailman, majordomo, mlmmj and so on.


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