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Thu Apr 6 14:04:27 UTC 2006

On 2006-04-06 09:49, Bill Moran <wmoran at> wrote:
>"Tom" <tzons at> wrote:
>> I am just looking at Free BSD as a Windows alternative.  I
>> have a home workgroup that I am out growing and wanting to do
>> more with, but don't want to give MS any more Hundreds of hard
>> earned dollars.
>> My first question is where can I find a site that will list
>> all approved or thoroughly checked out hardware to build a
>> "box" (motherboards, and the like).  I don't have the time, or
>> patience to get into major software conflicts or bugs. I want
>> to follow a A to B to C box build and software setup. Is there
>> someone (or more) to guide me through the process? Is there a
>> website with complete and accurate information on it? Is there
>> a "BSD for idiots" instruction book that's current? Is there a
>> BSD project team working with manufactures and touting their
>> successes?  Help!
> Don't use FreeBSD.  I know this will be an unpopular post on
> this list, but you've said a number of things that tell me that
> you will be unsuccessful with FreeBSD:
> 1) You don't seem to have any Unix experience
> 2) You're coming from a Windows world
> 3) You don't have time or patience
> #3 is particularly important, given #1 and #2.  FreeBSD _will_
> take you some time to understand.  It _will_ take some time and
> effort to get it working the way you want.  Since you are
> totally new to it, it _will_ require patience.
> If you don't have time or patience to learn right now, you're
> setting yourself up for failure.  When you do have some time
> and patience, we'll be happy to help you through your learning
> curve.  If you're looking for a fast, easy fix, you're not
> going to find it by switching operating systems to something
> you know nothing about.
> I've seen a number of people bash Linux and the BSDs because
> they wanted a simple, cheap solution to Windows and did not
> have the time or patience to work through the learning curve.
> Unless I've misinterpreted your email and you do have some Unix
> experience, this is not a good time to make the switch.

No, this post shouldn't be unpopular on this list.

  * It was written in a clear, non-confrontational, civilized tone.
  * It explains why making the switch to FreeBSD may turn out badly.
  * It also makes it very clear that time and effort _is_ required.

Tom, please read carefully what Bill Moran has written.  Even if
I tried, I would probably fail to put it all in better words.

Then, if you decide that you _have_ the patience and time to
switch, feel free to ask any question about FreeBSD here :)

- Giorgos

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