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Thu Apr 6 13:49:23 UTC 2006

"Tom" <tzons at> wrote:

> I am just looking at Free BSD as a Windows alternative.  I have a home
> workgroup that I am out growing and wanting to do more with, but don't want
> to give MS any more Hundreds of hard earned dollars.
> My first question is where can I find a site that will list all approved or
> thoroughly checked out hardware to build a "box" (motherboards, and the
> like).  I don't have the time, or patience to get into major software
> conflicts or bugs. I want to follow a A to B to C box build and software
> setup. Is there someone (or more) to guide me through the process? Is there
> a website with complete and accurate information on it? Is there a "BSD for
> idiots" instruction book that's current? Is there a BSD project team working
> with manufactures and touting their successes?  Help!

Don't use FreeBSD.  I know this will be an unpopular post on this list, but
you've said a number of things that tell me that you will be unsuccessful
with FreeBSD:
1) You don't seem to have any Unix experience
2) You're coming from a Windows world
3) You don't have time or patience

#3 is particularly important, given #1 and #2.  FreeBSD _will_ take you
some time to understand.  It _will_ take some time and effort to get it
working the way you want.  Since you are totally new to it, it _will_
require patience.

If you don't have time or patience to learn right now, you're setting
yourself up for failure.  When you do have some time and patience, we'll
be happy to help you through your learning curve.  If you're looking for
a fast, easy fix, you're not going to find it by switching operating
systems to something you know nothing about.

I've seen a number of people bash Linux and the BSDs because they wanted
a simple, cheap solution to Windows and did not have the time or
patience to work through the learning curve.  Unless I've misinterpreted
your email and you do have some Unix experience, this is not a good time
to make the switch.

Just my $.02.

Bill Moran

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