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This question was just covered in great detail last 2 weeks.
Check the archives for subject "What laptop do you recommend?"

Secondly, you should first search the archives for answers to
your questions before posting to this list.

http://freebsd.rambler.ru/  us this url to search archives.

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Hello all,

i would like to buy a new Laptop in the very near future, and of
it has to run my favourite OS. I have never searched for a Laptop,
now that i did i am overwhelmed with the confusing variety of
Brands and Models. One of the big Questions i am having is; Should i
look for a 64 bit Laptop or better not? I am just not sure wheter or
64bit will come trough this year on Laptops, and how well is it (and
will it be) supported by FreeBSD. I know that there are some
Sites which try to maintain some data about linux / unix on laptops,
i found them to be quite outdated. I am looking for a Workstation
replacement kind of Laptop, and it must have a DVI out for my
Monitor. I
kind of would like to go with 64bit, since its supposedly the
future, if
this isnt quite the time for 64bit Laptops yet, please someone
educate me.

If there is anyone out there, that can recommend a new Laptop (Price
not an issue) that runs FreeBSD nicely, please let me know, i would
appreciate it.

Thanks and best regards,
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