FIXED Realplayer plugin not working after portupgrade

Oliver Iberien oliver-forward at
Thu Apr 6 02:01:37 UTC 2006

It went like this:

Install portdowngrade. I think this is how I did it.

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/portdowngrade
make DEFAULT_CVS_SERVER=\”:pserver:anoncvs at\” 
clean install


portdowngrade linux-realplayer

will begin the process. Or you can specify the cvs server when invoking 

portdowngrade -s:pserver:anoncvs at

All that is under the man page for portdowngrade. 

portdowngrade then goes through the ports tree in reverse chronological order, 
assigning a number to each one, and giving for each a little bit of the port 
description that also pops up in (if you wanted more detail on 
the old versions, look there). Once it gives you the first page of the list, 
<spacebar> will give you a second page, <enter> will give you a prompt at 
which you enter the number of the version to revert to. Once portdowngrade is 

portupgrade -f linux-realplayer

will install the version you specified. The man page concludes "that the next


will set the port back to its head revision!"

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 00:28, Kris Anderson wrote:
> --- Oliver Iberien <oliver-forward at> wrote:
> > Portdowngrade to linux-realplayer-, and it
> > works again.
> <snip><cut>
> Glad you got it fixed. While I'm not having this
> problem, I've never tried to portdown grade something.
> For your particular problem could you recite the steps
> in the group so that if I or someone else should ever
> have to do something like this in the future (with
> this port or another) we can follow through. I know I
> sure would like to shake a finger at a few
> portmaintainers for putting ports that are beta in
> there, and sometimes I forget to look at the Makefile.
> Thanks.
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