Best way to print photos

Donald J. O'Neill duncan.fbsd at
Mon Apr 3 20:28:22 UTC 2006

On Monday 03 April 2006 14:27, M. Warner Losh wrote:
> OK.  I got bordered photo printing working.  I haven't gotten
> borderless printing working, alas.
> The key points I learned:
> (1) Install print/cups.
> (2) Install graphics/hpijs.	This filters .ps -> goo the printer groks
> (3) Install graphics/gimp.	This makes .ps files
> (4) Kill lpr/lpd before starting cups.
> (5) Make sure you configure lpr/lpd not to startup on boot
> (6) Remove lp* binaries
> (7) Setup buildworld /etc/make.conf so it doesn't build lpr with
> (8) Add printer via localhost:631 web interface.
> (8) Set printer to draft mode via cups for testing
> (9) Use firefox to generate test prints.
> (10) To print from gimp, I have to remove the '-l' from the command
>      line every time I print in the printer setup.  This causes the
>      raw .ps file to go to the printer, rather than via cups'
>      postscript filter for the printer.
> (11) To get photos, one must set photo quality via cups setup
>      interface.
> #10 is was tripped me up for a long time.  That's why printing to the
> black and white printer worked for me (it was a postscript printer),
> while it failed to the color.  I hadn't noticed before that it
> printed the raw postscript and then lots of new lines.  Since these
> newlines weren't accompanied by <CR>, all text was off the edge of
> the papper, all I got was a bunch of blank pages.
> #5 bit me on boot.  Since cups replaces the /etc/printcap
> unconditionally, when lpd started it failed to start.  I lost a bunch
> of print jobs before I worked out where they had gone and why things
> had gone south.
> I'd love to know how to print borderless prints (right now I get 1/4"
> (8mm) boarder on the prints).  I'd also love to know how to setup
> gimp correctly.  However, these are really side issues now that I
> have basic functionality working.
> Thanks to everybody who was helpful in getting me to this point.  It
> got me over the hump.  My HP DeskJet 5850 is working great as a color
> printer with CUPS and my LaserJet 2200 continues to work like before.
> Now, all I gotta do is to figure out my OfficeJet 4200, at least the
> scanning portion...  But that can wait until my photo printing
> backlog is cleared...
> Thanks again,
> Warner

Hi Warner,

You have to have a printer that's capable of doing borderless prints. 
Most printers will only print to within 1/4" of the page. Try a custom 
size paper (increase the size by 1/2"), maybe that will help do it.


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