jdk15 on 6.0

james g. james at veldt.com
Mon Apr 3 19:55:57 UTC 2006

Thanks everyone for the tips. I'm going to give the package route a  
shot, as the additional swap space just isn't cutting it.


On Apr 3, 2006, at 8:14 AM, Jon Brisbin wrote:

> Anish Mistry wrote:
>> You could always just to do a "make package" on another machine  
>> with 6.0 and then just pkg_add on your older system.
> This is what I did when I installed JDK 1.5 on our BSD boxes.
> It sounds like, with so little physical RAM, that the JVM is only  
> allocating a very small percentage of that to the JVM that starts  
> up when the build gets bootstrapped. The jvmg probably needs to be  
> manually set using an -Xms/-Xmx value that will give it enough room  
> to work with.
> To the JVM, swap space isn't the same as physical RAM. I have had  
> problems running java applications that have to swap. With Java,  
> physical RAM is crucial. If you could even put at least 512MB in  
> that box just for the build, then take it out to run it, you would  
> probably succeed. Barring that, you're next best bet is probably  
> going to be building it on another box, then doing a pkg_add.
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> Thanks!
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