Best way to print photos

M. Warner Losh imp at
Mon Apr 3 19:28:31 UTC 2006

OK.  I got bordered photo printing working.  I haven't gotten
borderless printing working, alas.

The key points I learned:

(1) Install print/cups.
(2) Install graphics/hpijs.	This filters .ps -> goo the printer groks
(3) Install graphics/gimp.	This makes .ps files
(4) Kill lpr/lpd before starting cups.
(5) Make sure you configure lpr/lpd not to startup on boot
(6) Remove lp* binaries
(7) Setup buildworld /etc/make.conf so it doesn't build lpr with
(8) Add printer via localhost:631 web interface.
(8) Set printer to draft mode via cups for testing
(9) Use firefox to generate test prints.
(10) To print from gimp, I have to remove the '-l' from the command
     line every time I print in the printer setup.  This causes the
     raw .ps file to go to the printer, rather than via cups'
     postscript filter for the printer.
(11) To get photos, one must set photo quality via cups setup

#10 is was tripped me up for a long time.  That's why printing to the
black and white printer worked for me (it was a postscript printer),
while it failed to the color.  I hadn't noticed before that it printed
the raw postscript and then lots of new lines.  Since these newlines
weren't accompanied by <CR>, all text was off the edge of the papper,
all I got was a bunch of blank pages.

#5 bit me on boot.  Since cups replaces the /etc/printcap
unconditionally, when lpd started it failed to start.  I lost a bunch
of print jobs before I worked out where they had gone and why things
had gone south.

I'd love to know how to print borderless prints (right now I get 1/4"
(8mm) boarder on the prints).  I'd also love to know how to setup gimp
correctly.  However, these are really side issues now that I have
basic functionality working.

Thanks to everybody who was helpful in getting me to this point.  It
got me over the hump.  My HP DeskJet 5850 is working great as a color
printer with CUPS and my LaserJet 2200 continues to work like before.

Now, all I gotta do is to figure out my OfficeJet 4200, at least the
scanning portion...  But that can wait until my photo printing backlog
is cleared...

Thanks again,


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