Asus P3B-F MoBo -> Invalid partition table (5.x, 6.x)

wc_fbsd at wc_fbsd at
Mon Apr 3 17:55:23 UTC 2006

At 11:35 AM 4/3/2006, Ewald Jenisch wrote:
>o) Has anybody else experienced this behavior - possibly also on a 
>PC with Asus P3B-F motherboard?

I have a few systems around with that board, and have never 
experienced such troubles with 4, 5, or 6.  Just use the "auto" 
setting.  What do you have set in the bios' boot menu for device boot 
order?  If you hit "esc" on the keyboard, this mobo will offer a menu 
of boot devices, allowing you to completely override the bios setting.


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