Server time doesn't want to stay set (help!)

wc_fbsd at wc_fbsd at
Mon Apr 3 17:48:38 UTC 2006

At 10:37 AM 4/3/2006, Steve Douville wrote:
>My server time is off by exactly 4 hours. (EDT) I've reset it at the 
>BIOS level, only to have it changed somehow during the boot process. 
>I've tried  setting and resetting it through sysinstall, but nothing helps.

This sounds like an issue of the bios clock being set to UTC/GMT 
rather than local time.  If you're bios is set to the actual local 
time, then you need the file /etc/wall_cmos_clock  present.  If it's 
set to universal time, make sure there is no such file.


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