hunting for secure fileserver-connection!

Bill Moran wmoran at
Mon Apr 3 10:55:08 UTC 2006

"No at" <nospam at> wrote:

> > If you don't trust CIFS/Samba enough to be secure against local sniffers,
> and
> > you won't run IPsec, you're left with odd things like Sun's SecureNFS
> software,
> > only I doubt that's available for a FreeBSD fileserver.
> that's what i was afraid of. ipsec would be great, if it was possible to
> have it
> setup itself against the server each time you login (maybe windows logon)
> but theres
> always a client software needed, and in most cases, you're not able to
> access other
> networks smoothly if connected.

I've never actually used it, but IPsec in transport mode should be
capable of what you want, and should not have the negative side effects
you describe.

At least that's the way it's designed.  It might be implemented poorly on
Windows, I don't know.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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