hunting for secure fileserver-connection!

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Mon Apr 3 10:29:26 UTC 2006

> If you don't trust CIFS/Samba enough to be secure against local sniffers,
> you won't run IPsec, you're left with odd things like Sun's SecureNFS
> only I doubt that's available for a FreeBSD fileserver.
that's what i was afraid of. ipsec would be great, if it was possible to
have it
setup itself against the server each time you login (maybe windows logon)
but theres
always a client software needed, and in most cases, you're not able to
access other
networks smoothly if connected.

> If you've got 1.5TB of storage, perhaps you should talk to Auspex or
NetApp and
> see what the NAS folk have to offer...
maybe you're right on that, but currently, we have to test the FreeBSD
thing, and
set it up (because the hw is already here...)

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