Filesystem layout with sperated /boot partition

valentin_nils at valentin_nils at
Mon Apr 3 02:33:42 UTC 2006

Hello FreeBSD Fans,

I wanted to create a new system and was thinking about the following layout.

Size | Mountpoint | Device name | File system
100M /boot /dev/ad2s1a UFS2+S
1024MB --- /dev/ad2s1b SWAP
15GB / /dev/ad2s1c UFS2

I want to put /boot on its own partition, but somehow I dont have a lot of luck.
I can install the OS, but when I reboot the bootloader will not boot.

No /boot/loader
Default: 0:ad(0,a)/boot/kernel/kernel
No /boot/kernel/kernel

1) I wouldnt mind on which partition "/boot" or "/" sits or what its named, but
I would like to separate "/boot" on a different partition and it seems like it
wouldnt boot when I do this. Is this just a matter of updating the bootloader ?
Wouldnt the installer do that automatically ?

2) The part which I dont get is why is "/" always ad2s1a - even when I create
"/boot" first ? ("/boot" will become f.e. ad2s1d) and SWAP will become ad2s1b.

So what I end up with is something like

Size | Mountpoint | Device name | File system
15GB / /dev/ad2s1a UFS2
1024MB --- /dev/ad2s1b SWAP
100M /boot /dev/ad2s1d UFS2+S

Any replies much appreciated.

Best regards

Nils Valentin

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