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Wed Oct 26 01:05:08 PDT 2005

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> Hi!
> I have on my LAN a server FBSD 5.4 on DMZ. The router is made of linux
> (yes I'll change it to FBSD ASAP) with 3 NIC: eth0 (inet), eth1 (LAN),
> eth2 (DMZ).
> Strange thing is that when server is on DMZ and I access it from the LAN
> with ftp client my transfer speed is 30 Mbit/s. The network itself is 100
> Mbit. BUT if I move server from LAN to DMZ I have the max speed arround
> 100 Mbit/s.
> BTW: server in DMZ is connected directly to the NIC on router and on the
> LAN side I have all users connected on one switch which is connected to
> the router.
> Is this normall for all kinds of routers (linux, bsd, etc.) with setup
> like mine to behave like this or is it just my router setup?
> Regards,
> Sasa

Made a mistake in the post:

"BUT if I move server from LAN to DMZ..."
should be
"BUT if I move server from DMZ to LAN...#

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