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Sasa Stupar sasa at stupar.homelinux.net
Wed Oct 26 00:46:22 PDT 2005


I have on my LAN a server FBSD 5.4 on DMZ. The router is made of linux (yes 
I'll change it to FBSD ASAP) with 3 NIC: eth0 (inet), eth1 (LAN), eth2 
Strange thing is that when server is on DMZ and I access it from the LAN 
with ftp client my transfer speed is 30 Mbit/s. The network itself is 100 
Mbit. BUT if I move server from LAN to DMZ I have the max speed arround 100 
BTW: server in DMZ is connected directly to the NIC on router and on the 
LAN side I have all users connected on one switch which is connected to the 

Is this normall for all kinds of routers (linux, bsd, etc.) with setup like 
mine to behave like this or is it just my router setup?

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