this: not found

eoghan freebsd at
Mon Oct 17 11:08:19 PDT 2005

On 17 Oct 2005, at 15:20, Karol Kwiatkowski wrote:

> eoghan wrote:
>> Hello
>> Im having problems again with this message when im booting. I get
>> several messages like this:
>> This: not found
> Every time I see that it's because of missing '#' at the beginning of
> the line in a shell script (to mark the line as a comment).
>> About 8 or so of them just before it asks me for my login. It has
>> happened before, but i was working with a rather shaky install as i
>> wasnt sure what i was doing, well at least i was more unsure then  
>> than i
>> am now :)
>> So im just wondering where i would look to see where its trying to  
>> find
>> "This"?
> I'd look at starting scripts first. Something like:
>     # ls /etc/rc.d/* | xargs grep "This"
>     # ls /usr/local/etc/rc.d/* | xargs grep "This"
> and see if there's a line starting with 'This' without a '#' at the
> beginning somewhere.

I have done this now and not found anything  without the # ... is  
there anywhere else I should look?

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