Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop v 2.10 (mouse not beingdetected)

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Mon Oct 17 08:12:47 PDT 2005

--On Monday, October 17, 2005 00:13:31 -0500 Alejandro Valenzuela Roca 
<lanjoe9 at> wrote:
> Paul: the difference between your setup and mine is the fact that
> there's only one receiver for both the wireless keyboard and the mouse.
Ah!  Big difference.

> The keyboard does get detected, but then I only see this Human Interface
> Device which basically seems to do nothing (what can an HID do, btw?).

HID is an acronym for "Human Interface Device" and refers to anything that 
humans interact with - keyboards, mice, microphones, joysticks, graphics 
tablets, etc.

> Here's the usbdevs output:
> addr 1: OHCI root hub, NEC
>  addr 4: PSC 750, Hewlett-Packard
>  addr 3: USB Optical Mouse, A4Tech
>  addr 2: Synaptics WheelPad, Synaptics Inc.
> addr 1: OHCI root hub, NEC
>  addr 2: Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop® 2.10, Microsft
> addr 1: EHCI root hub, NEC
Since the MS Wireless Optical Desktop is being detected correctly, I would 
assume that FreeBSD has the appropriate drivers for it.  If you have access 
to a Windows box, I'd connect it to that and see if the mouse is detected. 
If not, it's obviously defective.  If it is, then at least you know 
communication between the mouse and the keyboard receiver is working.

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