My experiment which FreeBSD, stuck with wireless card.

Animesh Sharma sharma.animesh at
Sun Oct 16 12:40:49 PDT 2005

Dear Folks,
I had a Mandrake + WinXP dual boot system but somehow was not satisfied with
Mandrake distro, though it was really cool, still I was not happy. So when I
saw the FreeBSD 6.0 RC1, I thought I will go for it.
Right from the installation, I started anticipating the difficulties which
were going to come. First the FDISK thing I could not comprehend much, it
was easier with Mandrake to partition the hard disk. I feel the F1 keys
doesn't give a very comprehensible help and the sysintall interface is
cumbersome. Anyways reading some excellent documents on FreeBSD available on
the net and my intuition, I could manage the installation. I was not much
comfirtable ticking all the programs using ALL package choice, I feel there
should be one check box for INSTALL EVERYTHING. Also repeated changing of
installation CDs was a cumbersome process (I had to alternate between 2 CD's
10 times) and it gave one error for Scren Saver installaton. But it was
worth it and now I have FreeBSD and WinXP with FreeBSD bootloader installed
at MBR :).
After booting, to enable my sound card, I had to go to
/boot/defaults/loader.conf and replace NO with YES at the snd_drv_ich using
VI and card worked like magic. The comment in loader.conf file were pretty
cool and thus I could figure it myself. Now my problem is that I am not able
to install my Wireless Card ( WN825G Motorola ). I tried windows driver with
ndisgen tool, but it didn't work. Neither ndiswrapper is getting installed.
I also have some problem with java installation, but hopefully I will be
able to solve it myself with the help of internet.
Kindly help me regarding the wireless card thing,

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Dr. Animesh Sharma
Computational Biologist

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