6.0 release date and stability

Dick Hoogendijk dick at nagual.st
Sun Oct 16 11:45:36 PDT 2005

On 16 Oct Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> On Sunday, 16. October 2005 18:34, Ronald Klop wrote:
> > There are a couple of options:
> > 1. Do not remove old (5.4) libraries. All 5.4 libs wil still be found.
> > 2. Remove old libraries and install ports/misc/compat5x. All 5.4 lib wil
> > still be found.
> 1. and 2. are not an option if you plan on eventually compiling new
> ports after the upgrade - you will most certainly get mixed linkage,
> which will result in runtime errors. 
> Compat5x should only be used for leaf-ports (i.e, applications and
> libraries which aren't linked to anything else) - for example software
> that is distributed as dynamically linked binaries only.
> Option 4 is certainly the safest thing to do (and you could just upgrade from 
> binary packages instead of recompiling).

OK, you're right. Portupgrade -afPP should do the trick.

One question after reading the answers: how do I get rid of the *old*
5.4-libraries? Since they are kind of a threat to the new 6.0 system.

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