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Fri Oct 14 23:10:58 PDT 2005

On Sat, 15 Oct 2005 05:59:53 +0200
Björn König <bkoenig at> wrote:
> Bob Hepple wrote:
> > [...]
> > I just want to add an arbitrary machine (eg. with IP to my
> > home network Under Linux I just do a 
> > 
> > 	route add -host eth0
> > 
> > and I can ping it.
> > 
> > On FreeBSD I tried both
> > 
> > 	route add -host
> > 	route add -host -interface rl0
> > 
> > but I'm getting some kind of redirect loop. Apparently my use of the
> > FreeBSD route command is wrong.
> >  
> Hello Bob,
> welcome to FreeBSD.
> I won't expect that this will work at all, even not with Linux, because 
> the IP and are of different subnets. 
> Either you use or in the 10baseT net, 
> but not both. I don't know if Linux makes it possible to do this; I 
> haven't tried it yet. At least I can reproduce your error message with a 
> similar setup. Just assign the IP to rl0 for example; then 
> it should work without problems.
> Regards
> Björn

Hi Björn

I know it looks a bit odd, but Linux is perfectly happy with it. I've
relied on it every day for the last 6 years or so. 

The reason I'm doing it this way is that I have machines at work on the network that I access from home over openvpn. So I can't
grab 192.168.2 at home. But I always bring home one of many different
machines - they're already configured to It's so
convenient to be able to access all of 192.168.2 over openvpn _except_
for the one machine

It's just a bit of a fag to re-configure each machine for home use -
particularly as it could be freebsd, linux (x 4 distros), Solaris, AIX,
SCO OS5, SCO UW7, HPUX etc etc and they all configure in different ways.

Oh well.

Thanks very much for confirming it - at least I can stop scouring the man
pages & google - I learned a lot on the way.

I must say I like FreeBSD very much - very stable drivers compared to
Linux whose wifi drivers seem to hang the system quite a lot. That's the
main reason I'm trying to make the move to FreeBSD - my wifi connection
goes about twice as fast (4-5 Mbps on FreeBSD vs 1-2 Mbps with Linux) and
is _much_ more stable.


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