Mysql server not able to stay running on anything but Linux?

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Wed Oct 12 14:41:56 PDT 2005

--- Kris Kennaway <kris at> wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 01:16:22PM -0700, NMH wrote:
> >  Hi
> >   I am stuck with a delema and I feel like a damn
> > troll. But.. I have a Mysql Database that I posted
> > about earlier. It seems that it is only able to
> not
> > die by running on BSD 4.11 with Linux Threads. My
> boss
> > is convinced this means that Linux is better for
> > and wants that installed now.
> >  We even got a support contact from Mysql that so
> far
> > has gotten us nothing for almost a month while our
> > production database server died up to 3 times a
> day.
> > (and lots of we're looking into it's)
> >  
> >  We were running fine but a little slow on FreeBSD
> > 5.1-P11 and MySQL 4.0.18.(apperantly before a big
> Lib
> > change) We had to move quicker than we wanted to a
> new
> > server running FreeBSD 5.4 and MySQL 4.11 (becouse
> of
> > a dual HD death) Under production load the new 5.4
> > server fell over regulary. It has only now become
> > stable by wiping it and running it on FreeBSD 4.11
> > with Linux Threads. (it regularly has over 400+
> > threads)
> Unfortunately you'll need to provide details of how
> it "fell over"
> (e.g. panic messages + backtraces).  You might have
> better luck with
> 6.0-RELEASE or 5.4-STABLE, since a number of bugs
> have been fixed in
> 5.4-RELEASE..but without more details it's
> impossible to say whether
> that will help, or if you're encountering something
> genuinely new.
> >   Can anyone help or offer assistance to help
> track
> > this down? Perhaps also any annecdotes or examples
> I
> > can show my boss that other people have as busy
> > databases on BSD 5.X. We paid 3K to Mysql for help
> and
> > so far they have been unable to offer any clues as
> to
> > why ours will not stay stable on anything but
> Linux
> > threads. I feel really sad that so far no one has
> > responded to my posts and it feels like a victory
> for
> > linux. 
> If I was your boss I'd be asking why mysql hasn't
> delivered on their support contract.
> Kris

 Hi Kris
 Well I think support has many meanings. I decided to
look at what he paid for and it says:
 We get "access" to the mysql devlopers...
 We get "access" to certified binaries. (none of which
are FreeBSD) 

 So, sad as it may seem, if your running on FreeBSD,
$3000.00  buys you someone to talk to. It doesn't mean
they have to say anything meaningful back or within
any reasonable time. :(
 Also it doesn't cover tuning or code review etc. So
if our problem is caused by anything like that.. they
don't even have to tell us I would imagine.

 So.. that is why as always, these lists and fellow
FreeBSD people are their own best support. Sadly this
is good and bad. Without enough paying users, you
don't tend to get as much attention. (this applies to
hardware and software)


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