Mysql server not able to stay running on anything but Linux?

Justin Bastedo justin.bastedo at
Wed Oct 12 14:34:51 PDT 2005

Here at my work we are running a mysql 5.0 server on FreeBSD 5.4 using
the AMD Dual Core 64 chips.

current load is as follows:
Uptime: 1338832 Threads: 2 Questions: 15846788 Slow queries: 0 Opens:
0 Flush tables: 16 Open tables: 58 Queries per second avg: 11.836

last pid: 29924;  load averages:  0.00,  0.00,  0.00   up 35+01:59:20  16:24:01
49 processes:  1 running, 48 sleeping
CPU states:  0.5% user,  0.0% nice,  0.5% system,  0.0% interrupt, 99.0% idle
Mem: 156M Active, 1250M Inact, 176M Wired, 214M Buf, 2086M Free
Swap: 2048M Total, 44K Used, 2048M Free

>mysql -V
mysql  Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.12-beta, for portbld-freebsd5.4 (amd64) using  4.3

>uname -a
FreeBSD db 5.4-RELEASE-p7 FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE-p7 #0: Wed Sep  7
14:12:34 CDT 2005     user at db:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/BLITZ4SMP  amd64

Our queries per second avg has been going up consistently and we have
yet to have any problems. We haven't had any crashing though I can't
quite say how the thread level is comparing to yours.

I agree i would look into upgrading to 5.4-STABLE and see how that treats you.

As far as my experience the only real advantages I've found that linux
has over FreeBSD is the type of file systems. Some of the file systems
they support may give better performance to particular types of table
types, but that is more if you have a stable db server that is hitting
a bottle neck.

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