ISDN terminal adapter

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Mon Oct 10 20:44:13 PDT 2005

If you want a USR Courier external I-modem I'll sell you one cheap.

The best way to do ISDN is to use an ISDN router like an Ascend Pipeline
or some such.


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>Subject: ISDN terminal adapter
>i need to get an ISDN terminal adapter working asap under freebsd. can
>anyone recommend one that "just works"? i've used a usr courier 
>ta in the
>past (with an rs232 connection), but they don't seem to make 
>the isdn model
>anymore. when i did it before i used userland ppp. is that 
>still the way to
>go for dial on demand dialup?
>i've been trying to get an hayes accurar ISDN terminal adapter 
>(that works
>fine bonded on a BT ISDN line in the UK) to work on FreeBSD. 
>when i plugs it
>in it identifies as:
>ugen0: ISDN USB TA . rev 1.10/1.00, addr 2.
>suspecting it really needed to be coming up on ucom0 or 
>somesuch, i tried
>using kldload to load some usb related drivers: uftdi. ubsa, 
>ubser, uplcom
>and umct. would that work, when it had already been detected on ugen? i
>guessed that loading the modules would have the same effect as, and be
>quicker than, rebuilding the kernel. was this a correct 
>assumption? am i on
>the right track, or barking up the wrong tree?
>any other ideas? i'm currently using the windows machine with internet
>connection sharing, so am really desperate for any help!
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