ISDN terminal adapter

Kep Woof kep.woof at
Mon Oct 10 12:34:14 PDT 2005


i need to get an ISDN terminal adapter working asap under freebsd. can
anyone recommend one that "just works"? i've used a usr courier ta in the
past (with an rs232 connection), but they don't seem to make the isdn model
anymore. when i did it before i used userland ppp. is that still the way to
go for dial on demand dialup?

i've been trying to get an hayes accurar ISDN terminal adapter (that works
fine bonded on a BT ISDN line in the UK) to work on FreeBSD. when i plugs it
in it identifies as:

ugen0: ISDN USB TA . rev 1.10/1.00, addr 2.

suspecting it really needed to be coming up on ucom0 or somesuch, i tried
using kldload to load some usb related drivers: uftdi. ubsa, ubser, uplcom
and umct. would that work, when it had already been detected on ugen? i
guessed that loading the modules would have the same effect as, and be
quicker than, rebuilding the kernel. was this a correct assumption? am i on
the right track, or barking up the wrong tree?

any other ideas? i'm currently using the windows machine with internet
connection sharing, so am really desperate for any help!



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