Subversion on FreeBSD?

Ashley Moran work at
Mon Oct 10 05:22:02 PDT 2005

Yuan Jue wrote:
> Hi all
> Is there a subversion system for FreeBSD sourcecode? Or there is only CVS to 
> control the source code? Does that mean that subversion is not stable enough 
> to take this big job?

If you were evaluating Subversion then it is stable enough to handle big 
projects.  Off the top of my head, Samba and several Apache projects use 
Subversion.  I think what stops most people switching to it is usually 
the migration rather than the package ourself.  When we migrated from 
Visual Source Shredder to SVN we gave up and abandoned the history (just 
re-imported the files), but for some projects that might not be viable.


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