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Actually, the one thing that I think I would recommend above all else is to
include "Beta Release 6.0" (or whatever) under "Latest Releases" on the
front page. If people are buying newer AMD64 boards (as appears to be
recommened by the paragraph on the left), it would seem it would be better
for them to be using 6.0 instead of 5.4 or 4.11 (for better chance of mobo

 On 10/7/05, Kevin Kinsey <kdk at> wrote:
> Erik Nørgaard wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I just saw the new website - did it get on today? - this is really
> > a nice job - well done!!! I hope this will support the impression
> > that FreeBSD is professional, all the way through.
> >
> > I know that some people like to think that a nice website is
> > just eyecandy - empty calories - but it works, and it's a
> > pleasure to browse!
> >
> > Congratulations!
> >
> > Erik
> Keep in mind that the below summary is off the top of my head,
> and culled from various sources, mostly the doc@ list.
> It went "live" when the build occurred on Wednesday evening,
> IIRC. Read the archives for doc@, and you'll see a few discussions;
> I'm sure there's a *LOT* more on www at ....
> English and Japanese versions were ready, but it seems that they
> were able to get a couple of other langs ready in time. If you click
> all the lang tabs, you'll note some are still built in the "old style".
> I am sure that credit belongs to many, but the basic design work
> was done by Emily Boyd, IIRC (see <>),
> who has also
> done the PostgreSQL site, and several other projects. I also *think*
> that it was part of Google's "Summer of Code" . . . but, like I say,
> this is "off the top of my head" ... read up to get the whole truth,
> the real truth, and probably everything else besides the truth, too.
> In other news, there is a bit of concern with some users, since the
> site doesn't scale well if you alter the browser's text size, and
> more than a couple of die-hard hackers run X in the > megapixel
> range.
> Finally, a couple of pretty important site sections didn't have
> links on the "new" index page, but these issues are being addressed
> and should appear "corrected" as soon as new builds occur.
> Kevin Kinsey
> DaleCo, S.P.
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