Problems with SATA drive on a Shuttle

bcsfd204 at bcsfd204 at
Wed Oct 5 16:37:07 PDT 2005

I'm having problems with FBSD 5.4-S on a machine I built. 
It is a Shuttle XPC with SATA150 drives. 

This is typical of the messages I get: 
initiate_write_filepage: already started 
ad5: WARNING no status, reselecting device 
ad5: timeout sending command=ca 
ad5: error issuing WRITE_DMA command 

I found some hits on the mailing list indicating a possible hardware 
I have replaced both SATA drives and switched the SATA connections from 
the secondary socket to the primary socket. 
(The drive controller is built into the motherboard.) 
This happens on both drives but the one with the / filesystem is hit 
harder with this. 
I have swap partitions on both drives. 
Nothing has helped. 

I'm considering installing Suse Linux on the machine to see of it is a 
software problem with FreeBSD. 
I've also thought about trying one of the 6.0-BETAs to see if that 
makes a difference. 

Any ideas would be welcome. 

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