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Wed Oct 5 07:11:21 PDT 2005

> Hi there,
> i am new to freebsd, and now working as an
> administrator of my college system, which using
> freebsd. my question is, if i have 50 users in the
> systems, how can i view all their usernames and
> passwords? this because i always have problems of them
> forgot thier passwords, and they can't log in to the
> systems. until now, what i did was, delete their
> usernames, and create new ones because i didn't know
> what their passwords either. so any other alternative?

Passwords are encripted and not stored in the clear by the system.
Do not do anything to change that.

The root user is able to arbitrarily change any user's password, 
so if some user forgets, then just set their password to something,
tell them and have them, then change it when they first log in
with it. 


> help me. Thanks.
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