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> i am new to freebsd, and now working as an
> administrator of my college system, which using
> freebsd. my question is, if i have 50 users in the
> systems, how can i view all their usernames and
> passwords? 

you can't (unless they use really weak passwords and you want to spend
time running password-crackers like "john")

> this because i always have problems of them
> forgot thier passwords, and they can't log in to the
> systems. until now, what i did was, delete their
> usernames, and create new ones because i didn't know
> what their passwords either. so any other alternative?

no need to delete accounts

1) login as root
2) type : passwd username

you can also set up usermin and provide them with the "change password"
option in usermin after you've "reset" their password to a temporary new

grtjs, albi
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