Automating a 5.4 install

Raistlin Majere raistlin at
Wed Nov 30 21:38:52 GMT 2005

I'm trying to use netboot to automate the install of FreeBSD 5.4.  I can
get new servers to boot, mount the NFS partition which has all the data
from the CD on it (taken from an iso) but I've run into two problems:

1) FreeBSD complains about my disk geometry, even though what it
suggests matches what's in the BIOS it's coming up with some wierd
numbers and halting my automated install so I can tell it "use the more
likely geometry"

2) after the OS install it complains that it can't find packages.  It
finds the packages directory, parses the index file, but then it can't
find them.  The error on screen is "Please remove disc #0 from your
drive, and add disc #1" and on tty2 the debug messages are: "DEBUG:
package check for xxx returns failure."

Any thoughts?


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