FreeBSD 6 Apache Port

Aaron Nichols adnichols at
Wed Nov 30 16:59:16 GMT 2005

On 11/30/05, Grant Peel <gpeel at> wrote:
> And, the php (cli version) went fine, but it did come up with a few gui
> questions, but non about --with-gd -enable-mysql etc etc. How to do I deal
> with that? I was thinking, after make, do I go to the work directory and add
> them to the configure line? then make again, and install again? OR can you
> add them directly to the make line?

These are both available as php4 modules and plugin to php just like
apache modules do:


A nice way to get these is to just run a 'make install' on
lang/php4-extensions which will give you a menu to select which
extensions you would like installed in one shot, with common defaults
already selected.


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