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Wed Nov 30 15:47:25 GMT 2005


Thanks for the advice. I tool it and the install went flawlessly.

Two quick questions though:

For testing, I want to use the snake oil cert, so am I limited to using open 
ssl now to comple the cert, as oppsed to the old apache
make certificate
make install   ?

And, the php (cli version) went fine, but it did come up with a few gui 
questions, but non about --with-gd -enable-mysql etc etc. How to do I deal 
with that? I was thinking, after make, do I go to the work directory and add 
them to the configure line? then make again, and install again? OR can you 
add them directly to the make line?

The above is the part about ports that has always confused me. And to be 
honest, I have never gotten a straight answer.

Thanks again,


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> On Tuesday 29 November 2005 20:15, Grant Peel wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am quite proficient at installing Apache, mod_ssl, mysql php (as a 
>> static
>> module) on FreeBSD < 5.0. I always do this from source as I do not
>> understand how to use the ports system ... as far as linking all the mods
>> together.
>> I have recently installed a new server using FreeBSD 6.0.
>> Does anyone know a good tutorial or guide on how to compile Apache 2.x
>> mod_ssl and php to gether from the ports collection? I know how to cd
>> /usr/ports/port_name_here , make , [make test] , make install, but have
>> never understood how to tie the mods together to procuce a complete 
>> setup.
>> Also, what is the prefered method for adding ./configure args to a port?
>> FYI, all I am looking to do is to compile Apache 2.x mod_ssl and php
>> together so as to have a ports build of the apache webserver.
>> Any help will be appreciated.
>> -Grant
> Depending on which version of Apache you're trying to build depends on the
> different modules you'll need to add in.
> Apache 2 has native ssl included so no mod needed.  If you want php 
> support in
> your apache, then simply install the /usr/ports/www/mod_php(4_5) port.
> DONE.. here is an excerpt from a google search:
> "I recommend lang/php4
> When you install it should come up with a menu allowing you to choose your
> options (GD support, CLI, etc).  After it is done, it will tell you what 
> to
> add to your httpd.conf file to get .php files working (apache restart
> required).  To test, make a file like:
> <?php
> phpinfo()
> ?> "
> "Just a quick note.
> /usr/ports/lang/php4 also includes command line interface beside the
> apache module. if you only need mod_php, you can cd to
> /usr/ports/www/mod_php4 instead/"
> Aaron Martinez

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