cpufreq and changing driver

Marco Calviani marco.calviani at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 11:37:51 GMT 2005

  having seen on the cpufreq(4) man page that there is more than one
driver that is currently supported. In particular having a centrino
processor, i would like to use the est driver. Currently, by default,
the running driver is the one that comes with acpi (AFAIU), and i'm
using powerd to control the cpu frequency in adaptive mode.

In particular doing comparison with the linux case in which i have
cpufreq with speedstep-centrino driver and the ondemand governor, in
this case the system is much more responsive and also the fans runs
much more quieter (although i cannot rely on proven data since i don't
know any benchmark program). In particular i understood that the
ondemand governor responds to the system much faster that powerd is
able to do.

Is there someone who can share some impression or thoughts?

Best regards,

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