system time "slowing down" ?

werther.pirani at werther.pirani at
Tue Nov 29 12:36:43 GMT 2005

> on Technical University near where i live they attached atomic clock time
> receiver (this signal is transmitted somewhere i don't know well this) to 
> one of their suns, and it gives rdate and ntp protocol out.
> i use it on all my servers.

Here's a list of public, and 100% official I(i.e., stratum 1 ntp servers):

Pick any of them and add it/tem to /etc/ntp.conf, then set up things so that ntpd
is started at boot time and you're set (I actually have 3 of them in there and let
nptd pick up the most suitable one).

I went mad for a while -- it did me no end of good.

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