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 Waaaaay OT, sorry.: 

>	Folks,
>	This is one of my more obscure questions and involves scanning
>	not paper but something they used to store books, magazines,
>	and newspapers--before the computer age.  It is called a
>	microfiche (or fiche).  A friend got a copy of a rare
>	out-of-print, not-for-sale book on microfiche.  We're looking
>	for some means of scanning this film into a scanner with
>	OCR.  So far, he has tried a camera with 8G memory.  No joy,
>	the scanner sees garbage.  Anybody out there ever have anything
>	like this prob?  The book is from 1913 so it is well in the
>	public domain.  I've already written Google; zero response.
>	I want to get this book up on my site, fully HTML it so that
>	everybody has the opportunity to ready it ... .
>	thanks for any insights,
>	gary

Its a long time since I have handled microfiche but my guess is you will need 
to mount your camera onto a  microfiche reader or a microscope. The 
resolution of a microfiche image is really high - far higher than the camera 
you are using so I think you may need something to enlarge the image for you 
to photograph.

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