Waaaaay OT, sorry.

Gary Kline kline at tao.thought.org
Tue Nov 29 06:05:32 GMT 2005


	This is one of my more obscure questions and involves scanning
	not paper but something they used to store books, magazines,
	and newspapers--before the computer age.  It is called a 
	microfiche (or fiche).  A friend got a copy of a rare
	out-of-print, not-for-sale book on microfiche.  We're looking
	for some means of scanning this film into a scanner with
	OCR.  So far, he has tried a camera with 8G memory.  No joy,
	the scanner sees garbage.  Anybody out there ever have anything 
	like this prob?  The book is from 1913 so it is well in the
	public domain.  I've already written Google; zero response.

	I want to get this book up on my site, fully HTML it so that
	everybody has the opportunity to ready it ... .

	thanks for any insights,


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