Newbie Q: freeBSD vs openBSD

Gilbert Fernandes gilbert.fernandes at
Sun Nov 27 21:43:46 GMT 2005

> it seems the OpenBSD group doesn't actually like questions. You can
> get flamed for the best worded question. Under FreeBSD, the
> community is more open to ideas and people trying things.

But we have to admit they do know how to properly flame someone.

I mean, we never heard the rosted ash remains ask further questions upon
the end of its flamming right ? ;)

I have started with OpenBSD. I was coming from Red Hat 6.2 and to my
shame, I didn't knew at that time that the BSD did exist. The very same
day I discovered that BSD were free, and that I was indeed running one.
I'll never forget that day even watching the prompt and realizing that.

I spend a few years there and then moved to NetBSD. I love it. Very
clean sources, and the only thing I do miss on NetBSD from OpenBSD is
the patch file. On OpenBSD you can install the sources from .tgz and
very easily keep with you a very small file with patches, and the first
lines are comments which explain what to do. So once you have sources on
a machine and the tiny patch file with you, you don't need Internet
access to patch a server (which is nice for servers not directly linked
to Internet).

After some years under NetBSD I am now using FreeBSD. It's nice and I
spent some time exploring all the sysctl available stuff to play with
and it might only be a "feel" but it looks like it's "fast". Well,
that's the first impression I got from it.

Best advice would probably to try each of the BSD (and the other
variants since it's not only Open, Net or Free) and you'll stick to one
for obscure reasons only bipedal humans would know but not understand
nor be able to explain to other of their kind.

unzip ; strip ; touch ; grep ; finger ; mount ; fsck ; more ; yes ;
fsck ; umount ; sleep

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