Problem with burning CD-DAs

Stevan Tiefert stevan.tiefert at
Sun Nov 27 16:53:35 GMT 2005

Hello list,

I can rip without problems a CD-DA to a wav-file (cdda2wav). I played 
this file in a wav-player without problems. When I burn these wav-files 
with cdrecord to a CD-R and then play this CD-R on a CD-Player I hear 
the songs but with a disturbing rushing! No klicks! I hear the song with 
a rush like a storm! All Audio-Tracks, the whole CD, rushing!

I tried the same procedure with a different harddisk, different 
IDE-Host-Controller, different OS (... Win98), different CD-Rs,... 
Always this described problem.

Could it be that an device is producing during the burning an 
interference that is copied together with the songs on the CD-R??? Maybe 
the AT-AC/DC-Transormator in the AT-case? Or maybe the chipset of the 

I have the mainboard FIC PA2005 with the VIA Apollo 580 VP-chipset 
Why my wife is happy when I do a "make buildkernel" and a "make 
installkernel"? I have then a lot of time to do my housework :-(

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