Problem with Firewall...

siva m tech.sivam at
Sat Nov 26 18:02:48 GMT 2005

     I recently installed FreeBSD 6-Release on my AMD AthlonXP box. I
recompiled the kernel with 'cvstag=6_RELENG' with firewall enabled and
everything went smoothly. I buildworld, compiled kernel and installed it.
And after installing the world in single user mode, I tried to boot into
newly installed kernel, everything seems to be fine except that there is no
internet connection. I enabled the FIREWALL="yes" in my rc.conf and the
firewall type I specied as 'client'. Also I specified the IP address and
network in the 'rc.firewall' file.
    I have a VoIP adapter at home connected through my cable modem, and my
ethernet connection is coming out of it. I specied a static internal IP with
a gateway.  Even when I booted my newly compiled kernel, the VoIP phone
seems to be not working. I also have debian linux on my second harddisk and
the internet is working fine on debian.

   Can anyone please tell me what's going wrong? and if I am missing

thanks in advance,

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