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Tue Nov 22 21:11:17 GMT 2005

On Nov 22, 2005, at 3:05 PM, Greg Barniskis wrote:

> Gerard Seibert wrote:
>> On Tuesday, November 22, 2005 11:49:23 AM, Greg Barniskis  
>> <nalists at>
>>> Not nearly as featureful (read: bloated, cough, cough) as MS  
>>> Project, but if all you want is simple Gantt charts and work  
>>> breakdowns then try out Imendio Planner for gnome, which can be  
>>> found under ports/deskutils.
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>> On 10/11/2005 5:29:42 PM, Gerard Replied:
>> The term 'featureful' obviously varies from individual to  
>> individual and
>> situation to situation.
> Agreed, but I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself king  
> of infinite space. I like small, tightly focused apps. =)
>> I have used MS Project in the past, and found it to be a rather  
>> useful
>> tool. The learning curve was not as extensive as I had first  
>> feared. I
>> certainly did not find it to be over burdened by an excessive  
>> number of
>> unused features. In fact, I rather appreciated the fact that they  
>> were
>> available if I should ever require them.
> To each, their own. My sense was the opposite though. The installer  
> is over 130 MB and there are many features I'd never go near,  
> mainly MS Project Server (and if I recall, Exchange) integration  
> stuff. In other words, a bunch of proprietary stuff without much  
> use to anyone outside of a largish Wincentric environment.
>> In any case, check out:
> Someone else in the thread mentioned that one. I was disappointed  
> to see that it is not truly OSS (some components remain  
> proprietary, and actually playing with the code requires Visual  
> Studio, according to their FAQ).
> Also, it is for Windows only, and while I have to use Windows every  
> day I quite frequently wish that I did not, so I'm not about to add  
> yet another Windows-only tool to the bag.
> Anyone know any real OSS (preferably cross platform) app that does  
> what gnome planner does, only better?

I'm coming into this late, but did you ever consider eGroupware?

I think it's  We use it here fairly successfully.

Eric F Crist
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