jabberd error, help

Efren Bravo efrenba at yahoo.es
Tue Nov 22 16:22:59 GMT 2005


I've installed jabberd2 (#pkg_add -rv jabberd)
and I followed the jabber_guide.pdf instructions
but when I execute /usr/local/bin/jabberd -D, I
get this error:

# cat c2s.log
Tue Nov 22 09:37:52 2005 [notice] starting up
Tue Nov 22 09:37:52 2005 [info] process id is
3263, written to
Tue Nov 22 09:37:52 2005 [error] no such auth
module 'mysql'

The mysql libs are in /usr/local/lib/mysql.  

Is there a way to tell to jabberd that the
mysql's libs are in that path?

I hope that someone can help me

Efren Bravo.

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